Odibee Sans Font Family Free Download

Odibee Sans Font Free Download

Odibee Sans Font is a beautiful sans serif display typeface. James Barnard took the charge for designing and releasing it for the first time. It has a lot of power provides a unique touch with your display title.

James set out to create his own Day Blood (ODB) and complete the full character set, number, and basic glyph in 24 hours. Odibee Sans comes in a single regular weight.

You can create magnificent designs with this unique typeface. also, you can use it for creating logo designs, movie titles, game titles, web development, web content, app development, and much more.

Odibee Sans font is designed with proper padding and space just to maintain cleanliness. Each and every letter contain x-height with a standard weight that is attracting the attention of your viewers.

Odibee Sans Font Family


It features a simple condensed structure that brings a pleasant feeling with professional communication. That is the main reason which shows that it will highlight the design potential.

It is now the best choice for making unique designs on display screens and technical works such as engineering, land surveying, and architecture. Because it often looks techno.

The designer has to try to add a legendary touch, which leads to other font families. It has surpassed some popular fonts and strengthen his position for various tasks.

Do must use a goo text pair with it. You can use Renfrew Font and GT America Font for title textual pairs, Signika Font and Lintel Font for the basic body textual content.

So, many designers proudly choose this beautiful font because they know that it will definitely add a professional touch to the designs. Preview the letters maps images added along to know more of it.

Another most fascinating aspect about Odibee Sans Font is that it is totally a royalty-free typeface. You can use it where ever you want. Download and install it after single-clicking over the link below.

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Odibee Sans Font Free Download