Antic Font Family Free Download

Antic Font Free Download

Antic Font features a hard look typeface that’s expressed through dedicated serifs and powerful stems, thus accentuating the standard neoclassical vertical texture.

The typemade font foundry has released it for the first time. Mr Santiago Orozco is the owner of this foundry that’s why he becomes the primary designer of this elegant font.

Antic Fonts are that the results of studying calligraphic forms and meant to be used for running text. This started two big text type projects and this is often a primary one.

Antic Font is a great font featuring a unique and elegant look. Antic explores the utilization of sans-serif letterforms for text usage, keeping a calligraphic touch found within the serif counterpart, Clark.

Antic Fonts Family

Antic Font Family Download

That fine quality font has available in five unique styles including Light, Medium, Regular, SemiBold, and Bold.  And each weight has contained 270 glyphs.

Antic font is the art of arranging all of the contents of your website, giving a feel to it and imparting the data in a professional manner. So, it turned into designed for use inside the headlines of newspapers and magazines.

It enhances the Sans and Didone versions, giving the designer freedom to make rhythmic and dynamic typography the usage of all three families within the type system.

This featuring the x-tallness that makes it truly coherent especially for long text paragraphs. So that remarkable font is perfect for body content. They improve the perusing experience, particularly when perusing long messages.

In any case, profoundly intelligible typefaces are helpful for longer titles. Antic Slab’s discreet slab serifs provide that basic font with a sturdy presence in layouts.

With modern-day proportions and condensed letterforms, it’s miles extraordinary for reasonable typesetting, on paper and on display.

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Antic Font Free Download